To be, or do, or not…

In high school they said, “You’ll never get a decent job unless you go to college.”

So I went to college.  In college they said, “You’ll never get a decent job unless you get a Master’s degree.”

So I got a Master’s degree (or two).  But in grad school they said, “You’ll never get a decent job unless you get your license.”

To be clear, there are a few decent jobs that I can get with only a master’s degree and no license or certification.  They are not, however, what I went to grad school for (exactly).

So then I found myself in a sticky situation – get a good or decent job doing something that is not quite what I went to school for, or carry on to get my license.  I waited years before I decided I wanted to take that step because really, I was doing okay there for awhile.  But then I moved to Virginia, where things are a little bit different than they are in South Carolina; and I began to face a whole slew of new rules and regulations that I now have to practice under.

Fuck you.  That’s how it makes me feel.

So I found this great job, right?  And it’s right in my field, working with patients, getting supervision, and I’m finally going to get my license.  This is me, really excited about it.  Because I’m finally growing up.

Then my boss drops the bombshell.  “Blah blah blah insurance companies blah blah blah licensing board blah blah blah now I have to cover up my mistake and blah blah blah I’m not giving you any more clients.”

And my hours have effectively been cut.

So now I have one of three options:

  1. I can stay at my current job and get the experience I need, but not have enough money to pay the bills; or
  2. I can stay at my current job and get the experience I need, while taking on another part-time job to help me pay the bills; or
  3. I can leave my job and take a different one that will pay the bills, and when my paperwork comes back from the licensing board with a stamp of approval then my boss will “take me back”.

Let me see a show of hands of those who think that if I were to leave for another job and wait the 4-6 month period for my paperwork to come back, that my boss will NOT have hired new and already-licensed people in my place?







So this is me again:  on the prowl for a halfway decent part-time job that I can do in the evenings and on the weekends, that won’t kill me and/or drain me dry of every last shred of sanity that I possess.  Because I really do want to work harder, not smarter.  I really do want to stress myself out to the point of mental obliteration.  I really don’t want any free time or a social life to speak of.  (Well, okay, it’s not like I have an exciting social life anyway; but what if I wanted one?)

This is what I need…

And this is probably what you’ll get…

It’s a catch-22, apparently.  Because ALL of us who have not had our paperwork approved yet are going through this, and I can tell you that we’re pissed.  Have you ever seen a pissed off, stressed out, mentally unbalanced therapist?

See, look!  I’m just like you!

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